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Abdallah AG AMANO

Born in the Tombouctou region of Mali in 1984, Abdallah AG AMANO comes from a family of musicians. Having grown up in music, he decided in 2007 to pursue a career in the technical aspects of the audiovisual industry as a sound technician. He was hired the same year at the cultural center, the Moffou of Salif Keita and as Sound Technician at Wanda Records studio.


After two years at Moffou, Abdallah joined the organization team of the Au Désert Festival as Sound Technician and Assistant Technical Director. In parallel, he works with several Malian artists, makes several albums and participates in various projects in West Africa and abroad.


Few Malian technicians have received basic training in these areas. Abdallah had this chance thanks to the "Sound engineers training project" initiated by Salif Keita in partnership with VIVENDI and UNESCO. But his need to deepen his knowledge will lead him to seek other trainings.


In 2013, he moved to Namur in Belgium and began a training in "Digital Audio Technician, Cinema Post-production and Pro Tools Certification" at Signalflow / Pôle Image de Liège. At the end of this, he began in 2015 another training "General Management and Performance Technician: Business Manager" at the IFAPME Liège, which trains in different areas of the audiovisual industry, but also allows to acquire all the skills needed to run a business.


Alongside this training, he is currently working at the Théâtre Royal de Namur and continues to collaborate on several projects in Mali and in Europe.

His goal through AfriSCENE is to go back home to Mali at the end of his training to share his knowledge to the greatest number and to benefit the Malian cultural sector of its network of European and African professionals by organising training courses and workshops on different performing arts and audiovisual professions.

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