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Madani TOURÉ

Madani Toure aka Chanana is a complete artist, singer, director, camera operator, editor, videographer, VJ but above all, he is one of the worthy representatives of a generation of young Malian artists, deeply rooted in their traditions and stubbornly open to the world. "Africa is the future" in front line, more than just an artist, Chanana carries the colors of an Africa that changes and delivers a resolutely positive image of Mali.


Coming from one of the hottest and most popular neighbourhoods in the Malian capital, Chanana began her career in the 1990s as a leader in the young Bamako Hip Hop movement. Radio host, dancer, leader, lyricist and singer of the group Diata Sya (the descendants of Soundiata Keïta, famous warrior become Emperor of Mali in the 13th century), he leads various projects and is strongly involved in developing Rap in Mali.


He is also known since a certain time in the musical and visual circles, initiated to the video by the French collective Kourtrajmé, of which he becomes the representative in Africa (Kourtrajmé Afrika). He then meets other African and European artists and videographers who practice his various disciplines of video (short film, video art, documentary and music videos, Vijing).

Founding member of the Yéta collective in Bamako.


The Yeta Collective ("the visible" in Bamanan) is born from the desire of several artists from different horizons to gather around the image, sound and new technologies. Yeta is a collective that brings together technical skills associated with creative talents. The aim of the Yeta Collective is to promote the diversity of artistic and cultural expressions and to reconcile training, artistic creation and development aid through objective sounds.


Today Chanana lives between France and Mali and works with various artists as cameraman, VJ and musician. He joined AfriSCENE in 2016 to share his experience in the field of video to as many people as possible.

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