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The association AfriSCENE was born in 2017 in order to support the development of the cultural sector in West Africa through capacity-building, training people in the various technical jobs needed in the fields of entertainment and the audiovisual sector. The association can also intervene in any other country needing its support for the emancipation of its audiovisual sector. AfriSCENE promotes cultural development and freedom of expression through the mastery of audio-visual technologies in this region, with autonomy in mind. Training trainers, promoting local human resources instead of external intervention,...

We have built innovative remote training projects in Mali and keep doing so - with our partner Tadiazt -, we are active also in the Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo with our partner Music Fund, as well as in Haiti, Cameroon,... We work hard at increasing our abilities to build roads to emancipation in this burgeoning economy of the cultural industries in general.



An engineer in electronics, Manu worked in particular at Cisco Systems. Director of photography and director, he is also a teacher at SAE.

Madani TOURE

Director, VJ, cameraman and musician, Madani is a committed artist who initiated several training projects in Mali.


Sound engineer and trainer at SAE Paris, Ludovic develops several training projects in Africa and Haiti.

Abdallah AG AMANO

Director and sound technician, Abdallah works among others at the Theater of Namur and Festival Au Desert inMali.


We have collected gear to send to Mali to a studio in Diré and it left by boat end of October 2019. We regularly train people in Mali, now remotely too thanks to our partner Tadiazt.

We did trainings on Digital Mixing Desks coming in Cameroun - November 2019, in 2017 in live sound in Burkinao Faso, many years in a row in Haiti on specific short-term projects with the European Union and local organisations but also as full-time trainer in a school in Jacmel,...

We are trying to get funds to give a training in Live Sound in Niamey - Niger.

We trained technicians in Goma and Bukavu (D.R.C.) in February 2019 and 2020 and we are now working on more projects over there, with Music Fund.

We are working on developing other projects in Uganda, Ivory Coast, and many others.

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